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          Top Things to Do in the Geneva Area, click the link above for a list of over 50 places, includes free or inexpensive things to do in or around the Geneva, New York area. Including activities like Movie Theaters, National & State Parks, Architectural Buildings and Historic Sites.

          From Seneca Lake State Park to Rose Hill Mansion, there are a variety of attractions in Geneva and in nearby cities within 25 miles like Auburn, Canandaigua, Penn Yan and Seneca Falls.


          Looking for a new location, check the Downtown Vacancy Inbox:


          Madia's Italian Market
          68 Castle Street
          Geneva, NY 14456
          Phone: 315-759-5968

          -Homemade Madia's Sauce
          -Madia's Sausage, Deli, Baked Bread
          -Subs and Salads, Butcher Shop.


          Self Storage in Geneva New York - Rent a unit online, visit www.flxstorage.com



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